Development of the KITS

In the spring of 2010, I began the first sketches for the building of the cajonkit. The idea was to have integrated foot-pedals on the cajón which would control a bass beater and a hi-hat located internally. 


The foot-pedals could be placed on the floor and with the use of remote cables, operate the mechanisms, but I felt having the pedals on the side of the drum has the advantage of being much cleaner visually and easier to pack up for transport and storage. The ankle and foot position doesn't allow for comfortable movement if you're seated on top of the drum and altering the form of the cajón body (like in the sketches above) to accommodate the the proper leg position, detracts from the simplicity.

C:UsersVista UserDesktopThe Flag Pole Cajon Layout3 (1)

The solution was to angle the cajón body to 25 degrees and introduce a drum throne. This configuration allows a comfortable foot pivot and opens up the top surface for a snare plate and toms. The coordination required to play the Cajónkit now becomes directly transferable from the standard drum kit.