The Cajón (Ka-hone) drum is a  versatile percussive instrument and is gaining popularity among  musicians of all genres and styles.
It’s universal appeal is due to its portability and simplicity. As drum kits are not easily transported and not always suitable for acoustic performances, many bands and performers are beginning to explore the cajón's potential.

The Cajón brings a sound that no other drum can produce. Skinned drums like djembes and congas have a beautiful range of sounds but are not always suitable for blues derived music. The cajón has two distinct sounds; a deep bass and a snare. This combination fits perfectly with modern percussion for acoustic performances. 

6TURNED9 Cajóns are hand made in Glasgow using the finest quality hardwoods. The resonating body of the drums are able to produce and hold a much deeper and punchy bass tone due to the mass of the plywood used. This also makes the drums extremely durable. The designs for the drums are contemporary in the use of bold colours, the sharp lines of machine cut vinyl and large radius edges. The designs are fully customizable and can include any design or logo that you wish.